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Mississippi State University


Fu, Yong

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Karimi-Ghartemani, Masoud

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Abdelwahed, Sherif

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Yarahmadian, Shantia

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Dissertation - Open Access


Electrical Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


A modern power system is composed of many individual entities collaborating with each other to operate the entire system in a secure and economic manner. These entities may have different owners and operators with their own operating rules and policies, and it complicates the decision-making process in the system. In this work, a system of systems (SoS) engineering framework is presented for optimally operating the modern power systems. The proposed SoS framework defines each entity as an independent system with its own regulations, and the communication and process of information exchange between the systems are discussed. Since the independent systems are working in an interconnected system, the operating condition of one may impact the operating condition of others. According to the independent systems’ characteristics and connection between them, an optimization problem is formulated for each independent system. In order to solve the optimization problem of each system and to optimally operate the entire SoS-based power system, a decentralized decision-making algorithm is developed. Using this algorithm, only a limited amount of information is exchanged among different systems, and the operators of independent systems do not need to exchange all the information, which may be commercially sensitive, with each other. In addition, applying chance-constrained stochastic programming, the impact of uncertain variables, such as renewable generation and load demands, is modeled in the proposed SoS-based decision-making algorithm. The proposed SoS-based decision-making algorithm is applied to find the optimal and secure operating point of an active distribution grid (ADG). This SoS framework models the distribution company (DISCO) and microgrids (MGs) as independent systems having the right to work based on their own operating rules and policies, and it coordinates the DISCO and MGs operating condition. The proposed decision-making algorithm is also performed to solve the security-constrained unit commitment incorporating distributed generations (DGs) located in ADGs. The independent system operator (ISO) and DISCO are modeled as self-governing systems, and competition and collaboration between them are explained according to the SoS framework.



system of systems||decentralized optimization||power systems operation