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Mississippi State University


Parish, Jane A.

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Macoon, Bisoondat

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Vann, Rhonda C.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Animal Science

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Master of Science


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences


Prairie bromegrass is a cool-season perennial bunchgrass with potential as a valuable forage crop in the southeastern USA. The objective of this study was to compare dry matter production, persistence, nutritive value, and beef cattle grazing preference of two experimental lines and a commercial species (cv. Matua) of prairie bromegrass. Plots were established in a randomized complete block design with four replications. When each plot accumulated at least 20 cm of growth, plots were grazed with Hereford x Angus steers at a stocking rate of 8400 kg/ha until the first plot was grazed down to 7 cm in height. Pre- and post-grazing quadrats were taken for DM and animal preference estimation and nutrient analyses. No differences in nutritive value or grazing preference were seen among species. Treatment interactions were observed for DM production and persistence. The results suggest that there are differences in growth traits among the bromegrass species observed.

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