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Doctor of Education


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The purpose of this qualitative case study was to understand teachers’ perceptions of dropout prevention strategies used in one alternative school and describe how the teachers perceived the dropout prevention strategies used to decrease the dropout rates and increase the graduation rates of alternative school students. The study examined the primary research question: How are dropout prevention strategies used in this alternative school? The National Dropout Prevention Strategies for Alternative Schools were used to frame this research. The strategies were grouped in three areas: building student skills, promoting teacher quality, and promoting a positive school culture and climate. The relevant data regarding the case of this alternative school were collected using an alternative school teacher interview protocol, demographic survey, and the researcher’s field notes. Support data included existing state, district, and school data files. The results of the research study showed that teachers’ perspectives of the National Dropout Prevention Center’s (NDPC’s) most effective strategies for alternative school to decrease dropout and increase graduation rates were present in varying degrees of implementation. The teachers’ responses indicated the strongest area of implementation was in positive school culture and climate. Teachers’ responses also indicated that specialized staff development was limited.



dropouts||strategies||alternative school