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Mississippi State University


Srivastava, Anurag K.

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Ginn, Herbert L.

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Schulz, Noel N.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Electrical Engineering

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


In recent years, Distributed Generators (DGs) and energy storage devices have gained more popularity due to growing energy and environmental concerns. Interconnection of DGs and storage devices in an electricity grid impacts its performance under steady state and transient conditions. This research aims at analyzing the impacts of distributed generators and energy storage devices on the transient stability of the grid. Battery and ultra-capacitor technologies have been taken as the two types of storage devices and their electrical characteristics have been modeled using Simulink. Impact of these devices has been analyzed by connecting them to the system by means of suitable power electronic converters. The developed methodology has been evaluated using small test systems in MATLAB/Simulink. Transient stability of the test systems has been assessed for different types and locations of faults as well as for different penetration levels of the DGs, with and without the energy storage devices. Impact on the system transient stability has been analyzed based on transient response of the generator rotor speed deviation, rotor angle and terminal voltage of the DGs. Finally, economic analyses have been carried out for different options of DGs, based on wind, diesel and biomass, along with the energy storage devices. Results indicate that the presence of DGs and storage devices enhances the transient stability of the system in most of the cases.



Battery||Transient stability||Distributed generation||Ultracapacitor