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Mississippi State University


Evans, L. David

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Schultz, B. Emily

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Parker, C. Robert

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Forest Resources


Department of Forestry


The repeatability of stand measurements derived from LiDAR data was tested in east-central Mississippi. Data collected from LiDAR missions and from ground plots were analyzed to estimate stand parameters. Two independent LiDAR missions were flown in approximate orthogonal directions. Field plots were generated where the missions overlapped, and tree data were taken in these plots. LiDAR data found 86-100% of mature pine trees, 64-81% of immature pine trees, and 63-72% of mature hardwood trees. Immature and mature pine tree heights measured from LiDAR were found to be significantly different (α= 0.05) than field measured heights. Individual tree volumes and plot volume for mature pines were precisely predicted in both flight directions. The results of this study showed that LiDAR repeatability in mature pines can be accurately achieved. But immature pine and hardwood plots were unable to match the repeatability of the mature pine plots.



forestry||replication||forest inventory||LiDAR