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Peacock, Evan

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Barton, Brandon

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Miller, Darcy Shane

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts


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Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures


Zooarchaeological mussel shell assemblages can be affected by an array of biases, one of which is cultural bias. Cultural biases may be exhibited in the transport of mussels from nonlocal mussel beds, and/or in preferential taste. There are a few methods used to help determine if cultural biases are at play (e.g., nestedness and detrended correspondence analysis). This thesis aims to test a new method, the life history approach, to determine if it is a viable method for assessing cultural bias in prehistoric mussel assemblages from the Tombigbee River drainage. Shell assemblages from the drainage previously have been demonstrated to not be culturally biased; therefore, these assemblages will act as a control against which to test the life history approach as a method for cultural bias assessment.



archaeology||life history strategy||mussel shell||mississippi||zooarcheology