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Mississippi State University


Boggess, Lois C.

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Reese, Donna S.

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Vaughn, Rayford B.

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Bridges, Susan M.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Computer Science

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Master of Science


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Department of Computer Science


The natural immune system embodies a wealth of information processing capabilities that can be exploited as a metaphor for the development of artificial immune systems. Chief among these features is the ability to recognize previously encountered substances and to generalize beyond recognition in order to provide appropriate responses to pathogens not seen before. This thesis presents a new supervised learning paradigm, resource limited artificial immune classifiers, inspired by mechanisms exhibited in natural and artificial immune systems. The key abstractions gleaned from these immune systems include resource competition, clonal selection, affinity maturation, and memory cell retention. A discussion of the progenitors of this work is offered. This work provides a thorough explication of a resource limited artifical immune classification algorithm, named AIRS (Artificial Immune Recognition System). Experimental results on both simulated data sets and real world machine learning benchmarks demonstrate the effectiveness of the AIRS algorithm as a classification technique.