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In response to increasing interest in greenhouse production and difficulties imposed by adverse environmental conditions in the southeastern United States, two studies were conducted with green and red-leaf lettuce cultivars. The first study analyzed effects on yield and quality of green and red-leaf lettuce subjected to increasing nutrient solution electroconductivity (EC) across three growing seasons. Results indicated that the interaction between season and cultivar had the greatest effect on growth, flavonoids and phenolics, and leaf mineral content. The second study analyzed effects on yield and quality of increasing solution potassium (K) in red Lollo lettuce at two temperatures. The results suggested that temperature is a stronger regulatory factor than increasing K in the determination of lettuce yield and quality. However, increasing K concentrations to 234.6 mg·L-1 results in higher concentrations of leaf mineral concentrations without compromising lettuce yield and quality.



potassium||heat stress||electroconductivity||flavonoids||phenolics||hydroponics||lettuce