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Community College Leadership

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This research study was conducted to determine if there was a relationship between community college Leadership (LEA) courses and student success. This study compared students who took LEA courses to students who did not take LEA courses. This study employed a quantitative causal-comparative research design with one independent variable (leadership courses) and two dependent variables (GPA and completion). The research design was a between-subjects design. The grouping variables were ACT scores, race, and gender, and the groups consisted of students who took two LEA courses in two semesters and students who took at least two semesters but did not take LEA courses. A chi-square test was performed to determine the relationship between LEA courses and student completion. Results of this test indicated a statistically significant difference with students who completed LEA courses performing better across all categories. An independent samples t-test was conducted to determine the relationship between LEA courses and students’ GPA. Results for this test revealed that students who completed LEA courses had significantly higher GPAs across all groupings. The results of this study had implications that participation in leadership courses improve students’ GPAs and increase completion rates



community college||student success||leadership