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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Veterinary Medical Science

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Master of Science


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Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) is one of the most common causes of anemia in dogs. Despite aggressive therapy, there is a 50% mortality rate in IMHA patients, and the most common cause of death is thromboembolic disease, particularly pulmonary thromboembolism. With the high thromboembolism rate in dogs with IMHA, anti-platelet therapy with aspirin can be a life-saving preventative therapy. Along with anti-platelet therapy, immunosuppressive therapy is needed to decrease erythrocyte destruction. Cyclosporine has become a popular medication for immunosuppression in IMHA patients. Unfortunately, recent human reports have suggested that cyclosporine could activate platelets and contribute to a hypercoagulable state. With the goal of improving therapy, these studies investigated the role aspirin plays in inhibiting platelet function and cyclooxygenase expression, an enzyme that enhances platelet reactivity. The effect of cyclosporine on platelet reactivity and hypercoagulablity was investigated to determine if this medication would create activated platelets and a prothrombotic state.