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Master of Science


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Middle distance runners are always searching for ways to improve performance. This study was conducted to see if high intensity interval training (HIIT) on a cycle ergometer could help improve overall performance within 800/1500m runners. It was hypothesized that HIIT would increase performance, through decreasing 1500m times and increasing time to fatigue. Athletes completed two HIIT sessions every week for four weeks. Pre- and post- performance tests: incremental treadmill test (run to volitional exhaustion) and a 1500m time trial. In addition to performance, athlete’s stride length and stride frequency during the 1500m time trial were recorded. No significant changes were seen within performance measures nor stride length and frequency. It was concluded two weekly training sessions of HIIT for four weeks does not significantly increase performance within college Division I 800/1500m athletes.



performance||runners||Divison I||HIIT