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Mississippi State University


Bricka, Ray M.

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Zappi, Mark E.

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Toghiani, Rebecca K.

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Pote, Jonathan W.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Chemical Engineering

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Dave C. Swalm School of Chemical Engineering


The purpose of this research was to determine if two commonly used soil-washing extracting agents, namely EDTA and nitric acid, could be recycled and reused in subsequent soil-washing processes. This research focuses on the removal of lead from three real-world soils collected from military installations and the evaluation of a chelating polymer termed Type-M Forager® Sponge to recycle the soil-washing effluent. The results of this experiment indicate that the EDTA soil-washing effluent was as effective at removing lead from soil after two recycle processes as it was during the initial simulated soil-washing process. The nitric acid extracting agent solution, however, was neutralized during the first soil-washing simulation for each of the soils tested. Therefore, the Type-M Forager® Sponge was evaluated and proved to be effective as a waste minimization process for the acid soil-washing effluents.



Forager Sponge||soil washing||lead||metal||acid||chelant||recycle||EDTA