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Community College Leadership

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Copiah-Lincoln Community College (Co-Lin CC), from its beginning, has been a product of and provider of service to its local and regional communities, from its economic impact through increased tax base and revenue, to its educational impact through graduates of academic and technical programs, to its workforce training impact through cooperation with local industry to promote economic development. It is imperative for the continued growth and stability of the communities it serves and the state of Mississippi that Co-Lin CC and the other Mississippi community colleges continue to carry out their mission of providing the best possible opportunities for students. The purpose of this study was to place one institution into the larger historical narrative about community colleges. This study attempted to describe the factors that led to the establishment of an agricultural high school that developed into a junior college. The study also described the original mission and how it evolved during the 100 year history of the institution, including the continuing economic impact of the college on the local community. Historical data were mined from a variety of primary sources such as documents, letters, legislation, school records, board meeting minutes, and images; pertinent secondary sources and interviews from pertinent college leaders were collected; and existing economic impact data were referenced to identify emerging trends. Results indicate factors leading to the establishment of the agricultural high school and junior college included access, affordability, and quality of education. The implementation of the mission of the college, throughout its 100 year existence, evolved along with the changing needs of the community. The needs of the students and the community changed and the wording of the mission changed, but the mission did not change. Along with the educational impact, the economic impact is an integral part of the effect that Co-Lin CC has on the local communities it serves.



history||community colleges||Mississippi community colleges||economic impact