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Mississippi State University


Cavanaugh, Jeffrey

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Radin, Dagmar

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Emison, Gerald

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Political Science

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Master of Arts


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Political Science and Public Administration


This study analyzes the elements surrounding renewable energy development in Mississippi, with emphasis on the aspects related to government intervention. This study addresses the question: how can energy policy in the state of Mississippi support a transition from fossil fuels to non-traditional sources of energy? Drawing from existing literature, renewable energy was analyzed on the cost, development, and environmental concerns, while GIS analysis was utilized to determine generation capacity. Additionally, literature was reviewed to indicate the effectiveness of policy instruments in promoting renewable energy. Finally, the political influences that may affect renewable energy development or policy formulation were analyzed through a review of literature. The study indicates that renewable energy, particularly biomass, has some potential in Mississippi. Although the political environment may not be conducive to policy innovation, a renewable energy policy from the state level should be the most effective tool in promoting renewable development.



politics||policy||renewable energy