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Schmitz, Darrel W.

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Mylroie, John E.

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Kirkland, Brenda L.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


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The McCurtain Creek watershed was proposed for a large reservoir project resulting in the commissioning of this study to assess the site?s geology, hydrogeology, and surface hydrology to find whether or not the site was suitable. Data was collected from 57 geophysical logs from coal exploration boreholes to produce geologic and aquifer cross sections. A program to assess discharge identified surface hydrology characteristics of the stream at five locations. Twenty-seven geotechnical boreholes, 23 standpipe piezometers, and the data from the coal exploration were used to map the water table using ArcGIS 8.3 software. Eighteen piezometers at stream sites, used to measure discharge, assessed groundwater/surface water interactions of the basin. After careful analysis, the results of this study concluded that the geology and hydrology of the basin is sufficient to support the large reservoir although engineering design will be required to mitigate some highly permeable sands for the proposed levee.



Choctaw County Mississippi||hydrology||groundwater||water interactions||Wilcox Formation||site characterization