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Olinzock, Anthony A.

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Davis, Ed

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Adams, James

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Okojie, Mabel CPO

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Dissertation - Open Access


Instructional Systems and Workforce Development

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development


This study was conducted to determine if a significant difference existed based on the reading achievement of 3rd grade students as measured by the Mississippi Curriculum Test Reading Scaled Score of those students who utilized the Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader Software Management Program and those who did not participate in the program. The impact of gender and ethnicity on reading achievement and the relationship between the STAR Test for Assessment of Reading and the Mississippi Curriculum Test (MCT) as measures of reading achievement were also studied. The findings indicate students who participated in the Accelerated Reading Program achieved significantly higher reading scores than students who did not participate in the program. Within the Accelerated Reading Group, Caucasians earned significantly higher scores than the African-American/Other group. Female participants scored significantly higher scores than males. There was a strong association between the scores students on the STAR Test for Reading Assessment and the Mississippi Curriculum Test. The findings of this study indicated that gender, ethnicity, and the Accelerated Reading Program impacted MCT scores. There existed a strong association between scores on the Mississippi Curriculum Test and the scores on the STAR Test for Reading Assessment. Conclusions that emerged from the study suggest that Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader software when used in conjunction with the regular reading series seemed to have a positive impact on reading achievement. Recommendations for future research include investigating a possible gender bias in literature that could impact reading achievement and the impact of ethnicity on reading achievement.