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Hall, Kimberly Renee

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Justice, Cheryl A.

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Jackson, Deborah L.

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McCleon, Tawny E.

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Watson, Joshua C.

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Dissertation - Open Access


School Counseling

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Foundations


The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) created the American School Counseling National Model to guide best practices in the school setting. Professional school counselors are encouraged to implement this model in order to increase student achievement and personal/social growth through a comprehensive school counseling program. Although this is the recommended model for school counselors, many districts have failed to implement it. This study examined the relationship among beliefs, various demographic variables, and program implementation to determine the combination of variables that would best explain the variance in program implementation. Data collected through the School Counseling Program Implementation Scale (SCPIS) and School Counseling Program Component Scale (SCPCS) instruments were analyzed through hierarchical multiple regression to determine regression models that best accounted for prediction of program implementation. Based on this research, school counselor beliefs in using data for program improvement accounted for the greatest degree of variance in specific model implementation.