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Brown, E. Michael

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Rodgers III, C. John

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Mack, E. Taylor

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


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The purpose of this study was to identify how knowledgeable the students of Mississippi are of severe weather. The state of Mississippi is ranked second in the nation with the total number of deaths per state per year. The state also ranks among the top 10 of all states with number of tornadoes per state and cost of damage per state. Considering the facts mentioned above, a study was designed to discover if the students were taught severe weather awareness while they progressed through their twelve years of elementary and secondary schooling. A survey was created through the research of the Mississippi Department of Education, and Jim Belles, National Weather Service Memphis Office Warning Coordination Meteorologist. The results of the survey were then put to statistical tests to find out the significance of the survey questions.