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Mississippi State University


Rodgers, John

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Arts and Sciences


This study looks at the changes to NDVI value in the Weeks Bay Reserve following the impact by Hurricane Katrina. Four Landsat images from March 24, 2005 (Pre-Katrina), September 16, 2005/ April 26, 2006 (Post-Katrina) and August 7, 2002 (Control) were classified into different landcover types and run with the NDVI vegetation index. Those images were compared against each other and showed that the September image had a NDVI value drop of 49% and the April image had a 47% drop as compared to the previous March. The emergent vegetation surrounding the shoreline was most susceptible to changes in NDVI value and recovered the slowest of the tested landcover types. Swift tracks, bay areas, and rivers in the study area where tested and showed that the rivers are the most susceptible change in NDVI value and recovered the slowest.