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Marcus McGee

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Mississippi State University


Willard, T. Scott

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Ryan, L. Peter

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Vann, Rhonda

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Accurately examining animal endocrine profiles pose unique challenges due to possible human interaction influencing basal values. Standard methods of gathering information about an animal’s endocrine status are often dependent upon restraint and use of invasive methodologies. However to accurately monitor the influence management practices, blood sampling sometimes requires that hormone measurements be observed from animals in a relaxed state. To this end, methods for non-invasive monitoring (NIM) are greatly needed to obtain basal endocrine measurements. Such methods include fecal collections followed by hormone extraction, and remote sampling technologies for obtaining blood samples without handling. The overall objective of this study was to use NIM techniques to effectively collect and monitor hormone profiles from domestic and non-domestic species in an effort to more completely understand stress responses and reproductive cyclicity in animals in which handling may not be possible or desired.