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Long, Rebecca G

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Ponder, Nicole

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Dissertation - Open Access


Business Administration (Management)

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Department of Management and Information Systems


This dissertation follows extant scale development practices to propose, develop, and validate a measurement instrument for the family legacy orientation construct. Family legacy orientation (FLO) is understood to be the shared intentions and preferences a family has regarding the biological, social, and material components of the family legacy. The context of the family firm is of specific interest to the dissertation. The dissertation builds and extends our theoretical understanding of family legacy within the field of family business research. In doing so, the dissertation explores many ideas presented by Hammond et al. (2016; p. 1209) who emphasized the importance of the topic by stating “interest in the family’s pursuit of a legacy has grown along with the widespread acknowledgment that controlling families value many noninancial and family-related outcomes, suggesting that family legacy can be a unique source of motivation similar to socioemotional wealth (Chrisman, Chua, & Sharma, 2003; Miller, Steier, & Le Breton-Miller, 2003; Jaffe & Lane, 2004; Zahra, 2005)”. In this dissertation, FLO is proposed to influence intergenerational decision making and strategies.