Adnan Okdeh

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Mississippi State University


Bradshaw, L. Gary

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Williams, C. Carrick

Committee Member

Eakin, K. Deborah

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Psychology


Individual tutoring has been successful in facilitating learning in domains such as LISP, physics, and algebra. These tasks are static in that problems do not change while the student is trying to solve them. Dynamic tasks such as flying, where the problem changes spontaneously over time, represent different challenges for tutors. To understand tutoring in dynamic tasks, we conducted a field observation of students being given messages by a flight instructor. Five low flight time student pilots were asked to perform nine instrument flight tasks while being tutored by an instructor pilot in both a virtual simulator flight and in a real airplane flight. The data from our study were compared to two prominent models of one-on-one tutoring. Only a small portion of the utterances made by the tutor or by the student matched previous accounts, suggesting that a new approach is needed to address tutoring during instrument flight instruction.