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Community College Leadership

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WorkKeys assessments are gaining in popularity for use within public secondary and postsecondary institutions as well as business and industry. WorkKeys assessments utilize nine different assessments in nine different subject areas to determine if a person is prepared for the workplace and/or workforce training programs. The research study presented here examined the use of WorkKeys as a measure of success for community and technical college students. The purpose of the research study was to examine WorkKeys assessment score level scores and determine if relationships existed between WorkKeys scores and grades and WorkKeys scores and cumulative grade point averages. The researcher used a quantitative research design and utilized correlational statistics to determine if relationships existed. Data include WorkKeys scores, course grades, and cumulative grade point averages from the years of 2005 through 2008. Data were retrieved from an existing database and analyzed during spring 2009. Data from 7 different colleges were analyzed. General findings showed there were weak correlations between WorkKeys assessment scores and grades of C or better in college level reading and mathematics courses. Findings also indicated weak correlations between WorkKeys assessment scores in reading for information and applied mathematics and cumulative grade point averages. Recommendations include further quantitative research within other state community and technical colleges. Controlled studies by ACT, Inc., and/or others are also suggested whereby other variables that could affect test scores or class grades are evaluated.