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Polk, Noel

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Shaffer, Donald

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Atkinson, Ted

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts


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This research represents the first complete attempt to deal solely with “Lizards in Jamshyd’s Courtyard” as an autonomous text. The format is based on the chapters of Hans Skei’s Reading Faulkner’s Best Short Stories. The first part presents a detailed description of the most complete manuscript and typescript versions of “Lizards,” most of which are held in the University of Mississippi’s Rowan Oak Papers collection. The second part presents a critical reading of “Lizards in Jamshyd’s Courtyard,” based on the published version of the story, using the textual study for support. I draw on Walter Benjamin’s essay “The Storyteller” to provide perspective on the function of storytelling in the modern world and Faulkner’s use of storytelling as something more than a simple integration of Southwestern humor motifs, illuminating how Flem corrupts/disrupts the community’s oral traditions to achieve his goals.