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Master of Science


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Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) is a major food resource of much of the world. Sweetpotato production is damaging to the soils in which it is grown due to the nature of production and the condition the soil is left to overwinter. There is potential for future regulation on the production of sweetpotato as related to runoff and nonpoint source pollution as the sediment from runoff erosion is easy to pinpoint in nearby waterways. Two studies were carried out to determine the effect of a reduced tillage practice and cover crops on the accumulation of nutrients in cover crops and yield of sweetpotato. The use of stale seed beds will reduce the number of tillage operations in a field and will allow earlier access to the field. Cover crops will benefit the soil with cover during rains while accumulating and recycling nutrients that may otherwise be lost and improving soil structure with the addition of organic matter.