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Mississippi State University


Morse, Alan L.

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Love, Adam W.

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Kavazis, Andreas N.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Sports Administration

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Master of Science


College of Education


Department of Kinesiology


The purpose of this study was to examine which factors were influences in students choosing to not attend women’s volleyball games at Mississippi State University during the 2011 season. A survey was utilized to measure the impact of 41 factors on non-attendance of 620 students in the constructs of non-venue structural constraints (Leisure Activities, Other Sport Entertainment, Financial Cost, Social Commitments, Game On Radio/TV, Work/School/Church Commitments), internal constraints (Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Someone to Attend With, Lack of Success, No Interest from Others) and external constraints (Arena Location and Parking). The results of a chi-square analysis indicated there were significant differences on 22 factors in the decision to not attend games between attendees (those who attended at least one game during the season) and non-attendees (those who did not attend any games). Marketing implications of these results were then discussed to help convert non-attendees to game attendees.