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The global objective of this research was to identify the proteins secreted by stem cells in response to mechanical stress. Since it has been shown in previous studies that conditioned medium from compressed chick limb bud cells cultured in alginate can initiate chondrogenesis in non-compressed cells, it was hypothesized that the conditioned medium contains valuable growth/differentiation factors. Due to cartilage?s limited capacity for repair, factors that stimulate stem-cell mediated regeneration are highly sought. To discern these proteins, conditioned medium was collected from cyclically compressed stage 23/24 chick limb buds suspended in alginate. The proteins were extracted, separated by 2-D gel electrophoresis, and evaluated by mass spectroscopy. While a few regulators of chondrogenesis were observed, such as FGF receptor, actin, and IP3 receptor, many potential peptides were not found in the database. However, this study showed that ascertaining proteins produced by chondrocytes in response to mechanical stimulation should be pursued.