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Holmes, Megan. E.

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Master of Science


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Department of Kinesiology


Physical inactivity is linked with several chronic disease. This study has a twofold purpose: first, to examine the effect bouncing feet on a band have on middle school student’s physical activity level. Secondly, to examine the relationship between fidget behavior and academic engagement. Sixth grade English classrooms (2) from a local middle school participated in the study. All students were issued a physical activity monitor to be worn on their, and during the intervention, an under-the-desk apparatus was provided to students to freely fidget. Total sedentary time increased during intervention. Use of under-the-desk band did not positively or negatively impact academic engagement. Final analysis included 19 participants. Significant increase in sedentary time and percentage of class spent in sedentary were found. As well as significant decrease in light time, percentage of light, percentage of moderate, percentage of vigorous. The use of an under-the-desk band does not negatively impact academic engagement.