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Bhowmik, Tanmay

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Crumpton, Joseph J.

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Torri, Stephen A.

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Computer Science

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Computer Science and Engineering


In order to mitigate the ever-increasing trend in software failures with far reaching consequences, research has suggested close coordination of requirements engineering (RE) and testing. The literature also advocates the notion of requirements-based testing (RBT) focusing on checking both the quality attributes and implementation of requirements. As requirements reside in the environment comprised of certain problem domain phenomena, the environment assertions connecting some of these phenomena in the indicative mood play a critical part in determining the correctness of a software solution. Although several investigations emphasize the role of environment assertions in testing and QA activities, including RBT, current literature provides manual techniques of formulating environment assertions. Such an approach is extremely time consuming and highly dependent on an individual's domain knowledge. In addition, developers often struggle to formulate good assertions from scratch. To address this issue, in this thesis, we develop a boilerplate with certain placeholders that can be replaced with relevant attributes to formulate individual environment assertions. Leveraging this boilerplate, we further present a framework to capture environment assertions in an automated manner.