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Educational Psychology (School Psychology Focus)

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Several researchers have suggested that safety skill instruction has been neglected amongst individuals with intellectual disabilities even though injuries occur at an exceedingly higher rate than the general population. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness, generality, and maintenance of the use of behavior skills training to teach 6 CPR and first aid target skills to young adults with intellectual disabilities. Overall, the current study's results suggest that an intervention package using instruction, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback was effective in teaching CPR and first aid skills as well as generalizing across instructors. Additionally, the current study suggests that although behavior skills training was effective at teaching and generalizing mastered target skills, maintenance was not obtainable for all participants across all target skills after a 1-week follow up assessment. Lastly, the intervention package rated high for social validity amongst all participants. Future research should continue to focus on exploring the effectiveness, generality, and maintenance of these results.