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Cotton is a valuable fiber crop around the world used to create fabrics, oils, and currency. The threat of herbicide resistant (HR) weed populations is precarious for cotton production. The overreaching objective of this study was to phenotype potentially allelopathic chromosome substitution (CS) lines to determine competitive accessions. The identification of competitive cotton lines would be useful in the development of alternative weed control tools. Twelve CS lines (CS-49, CS-38, CS-34, CS-39, CS-27, CS-13, CS-50, CS-26, CS-25, CS-43, CS-46, and CS-23) along with the parent line (TM1) and two conventional varieties (UA48 and Enlist) were screened in a greenhouse using the stairstep structure. Eight CS lines were then selected to test in the field and analyzed in the lab to identify allelochemical exudates using HPLC. Results of this study provide a greater insight into the nature of allelopathy and its potential usefulness in cotton crops.


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