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Elementary, Middle, & Secondary School Administration

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Doctor of Philosophy


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This study investigated the impact of the School-Home Partnership Model at Metter Intermediate School, a small rural school in southeast Georgia. The subjects of this student were parents, students, and teachers of the school. In particular, this study investigated the impact of the School-Home Partnership Model on "at-risk" students. For the purpose of this study the term "at-risk" student is defined to mean a student identified as being below grade level in reading and/or math based on the guidelines of Georgia's Early Intervention Program (EIP). The term "at-risk" student as used in this study also means a student identified as a special education student according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Quantitative methods and interviews were used to collect and analyze data. Theses methods consisted of document analysis, surveys, and interviews.

The investigation results show that parents, students, and teachers had very positive attitudes toward the school. Extensive communication stratefies were utilized between the home and school. Children's attendance in school improved, while the number of discipline referrals to the school office increased for "at-risk" students. Quantitative data based on Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) showed limited changes. Report card grades showed improvements in grades for "at-risk" students in reading, math, and spelling. Parents of both non "at-risk" and "at-risk" students overwhelming believed they could better assist their children learn if teachers provided more ideas of ways they could help their children at home.