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The purpose of this study was to examine crisis preparedness at Christian-affiliated institutions of higher education. Second, this study examined Christian-affiliated institutions of higher education presidents’ perspective of their institution’s ability to prepare for crises based upon the four critical indicators of organizational crisis preparedness as described by Zdziarski (2001): a) the types of crisis institutions prepare for, b) the phase of crisis prepared for, c) the systems in place to respond to crisis, and d) the stakeholders involved and considered in preparations. Implications from this study provided recommendations for crisis preparedness that are specific to Christian-affiliated colleges and universities. A total of (n=77) presidents of Christian-affiliated institutions of higher education completed the Campus Crisis Management Questionnaire. Overall, results indicated that presidents of Christian-affiliated colleges and universities perceived their institutions to be well-prepared to respond to campus crises. This study adds to the crisis preparedness literature in higher education on how smaller private, specialized institutions with limited resources prepares for crisis.