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Mississippi State University


Agiovlasitis, Stamatis.

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Chen, Chih Chia (J.J).

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Wei, Tianlan (Elaine).

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Motl, Robert M.

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Dissertation - Open Access


Exercise Science

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


College of Education


Department of Kinesiology


Adults with intellectual disability (ID) have a higher rate of falls than the general population, and changing health behaviors through exercise program could enhance health and reduce falls in this population. However, the feasibility study of fall prevention based on the theoretical framework for adults with ID has not been explored to date. This study examined the feasibility of a home-based exercise intervention for people with ID living in a residential setting. We provided an 8 week intervention consisting of a training workshop for support workers and sessions for adults with ID devoted to behavior reward, education about fall prevention and exercise, and exercise training. Adults with ID (n = 33) and support workers, including caregivers (n = 3), staff (n = 8), and one administrator, participated in this study. Adults with ID significantly improved physical performance, self-efficacy for activity, fall efficacy, and support from friends and support workers. There were no significant changes in free-living PA. There was no adverse event during the intervention, and the average adherence rate was sufficient. Adults with ID, support workers, and an administrator were satisfied with the program and had the intention to continue the program. The intervention was feasible and perhaps efficacious for adults with ID living in group-homes.