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Mississippi State University


Canales Medina, Elizabeth

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Davis, WIll

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Kim, Ayoung

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Buys, David

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Agricultural Economics

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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Agricultural Economics


Differences in the prevalence of obesity are generally associated with disparities in the food environment which partially determine diet quality. In this research, I examine the relationship between the local food environment and the consumption of fruit and vegetables among individuals living in the Mississippi Delta region using survey and store availability data for individuals living in seven counties with the highest obesity rates in the state. An ordered probit model with an endogenous covariate is used to assess the marginal effect of food environment variables on the frequency of fruit or vegetable consumption. I find that longer distance traveled to the nearest full-service grocery store is associated with lower frequency of vegetable consumption, while access to public transportation is generally associated with a higher frequency of consumption. Insights from this study could prove helpful for health officials and policymakers tasked with designing and implementing localized interventions that improve the food environment and increase healthy food access.