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Mississippi State University


Burch, Reuben F. V

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Chander, Harish

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Ball, John

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Smith, Brian

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Dissertation - Open Access


Industrial Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


Wearable sensors have garnered considerable interest because of their potential for various applications. However, much less has been studied about the Stretchsense pressure sensor characteristics and its workability for industrial application to prevent potential risk situations such as accidents and injuries. The proposed study helps investigate Stretchsense pressure sensors' applicability for measuring hand-handle interface forces under static and dynamic conditions. The BendLabs sensors - a multi-axis, soft, flexible sensing system was attached to the wrist to evaluate the wrist angle deviations. In addition, the StretchSense stretch sensors were attached to the elbow joint to help estimate the elbow flexion/extension. The research tests and evaluates the real-time pressure distribution across the hand while performing given tasks and investigates the relationship between the wrist and elbow position and grip strength. The research provides objective means to assess the magnitudes of high pressures that may cause pressure-induced discomfort and pain, thereby increasing the hand's stress. The experiment's most significant benefit lies in its applicability to the actual tool handles outside the laboratory settings.