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Anna Hollis:

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Mississippi State University


Swortzel, Kirk A.

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McCubbins, OP

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Phillips, Tommy

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Agriculture and Extension Education

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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Many states across the country have felt the impact of a nationwide teacher shortage. Specifically, the state of Mississippi has experienced a shortage of certified agricultural education teachers. Unfortunately, during a time, a novel virus (Coronavirus or COVID-19) swept the entire world and shook the academic world to its core. Like the majority, educators were encouraged to adopt a variety of approaches to better flow with the changes in their “normal” routines. Many researchers have suggested that teachers are leaving education due to little resources, recognition, and high job demands, which correlates to poor job satisfaction and symptoms of burnout. The COVID- 19 pandemic is a potential factor in the teacher retention rates. This study observes levels of job satisfaction and burnout among Mississippi agricultural education teachers. As well as considering the COVID-19 pandemic as an element to these levels as well.