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Magbanua, Benjamin S.

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Gude, Veera G.

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Truax, Dennis D.

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Parajuli, Prem

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Dissertation - Campus Access Only


Civil Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Aerobic (AeMBRs) and Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors (AnMBRs) are an essential part of the advanced wastewater treatment options, which offer advantages in terms of higher effluent discharge and smaller footprints over the traditional wastewater treatment. This study evaluates the performance of (AnMBRs) by analyzing the cumulative effect of eleven physico-chemical parameters from the data obtained from the studies conducted from year 2000 onwards. Effect of various parameters such as Solid Retention Time (SRT), Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT), Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS), influent Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Organic Loading Rate (OLR), influent COD, and temperature on the COD removal, methane production and membrane fouling were evaluated. Spearman’s correlation analysis was performed to investigate the impact of environmental and operational parameters on membrane fouling, COD reduction, EPS/SMP and methane production and explain the results. It should be noted that the literature used has all needed variables; incomplete data sets were removed for the regression analysis, in this case, the fouling rate may be estimated. Of these variables, the fouling rate was significantly correlated only with flux (r = 0.291, p =