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Mississippi State University


Silva, Juan L.

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White, Shecoya

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Schilling, M. Wes

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Graduate Thesis - Campus Access Only


Food Science and Technology

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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion


Blueberry juice and pomace, enzyme pretreated (PT) or not, were extracted (EM) by steam and hot press methods. The pomace was further dried by convection oven (OD) or freeze-dried (FD). Juice yield was not affected by PT but was greater for steam extract (SE), due to water uptake. Carbohydrate and protein concentration were greater for hot-pressed (HP) pomace. Anthocyanins were not affected by PT or EM whereas phenolics were greater HP juice when subjected to enzymes. Dehydration method did not affect total phenolics when pomace was from HP but were higher in OD SE pomace. Enzymatic pretreatment had little influence on pomace quality, but HP pomace resulted in higher nutrients probably due to dilution. Oven drying resulted in slight degradation of pomace anthocyanins but not total phenolics. The dried pomace was shown to possess good nutrient quality and elevated functional components and can be used for value-added products.