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Xueei Hu

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Mississippi State University


MaGee, Thomas Gloria

Committee Member

Tao, Shiquan

Committee Member

Foster, C. Stephen

Date of Degree


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Graduate Thesis - Open Access



Degree Name

Master of Science


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Chemistry


Hydrogen peroxide is used in various fields, such as food preservative, bleaching, oxidizing, reducing, and chemical reaction reagents. However, inappropriate use may have harmful effects to human health or environment. A number of analytical methods have been developed for the determination of hydrogen peroxide. Herein is described the effort to develop an optical fiber chemical sensor based on the evanescence wave absorbance that can detect the presence of, and measure the concentration of, hydrogen peroxide. For the H2O2 optical fiber sensor, Nafion membrane was coated in the fiber optic. Titanium ions dispersed in a Nafion membrane can form a TiO-H2O2 complex with the H2O2 diffused into the membrane. The complex is shown to absorb light with a maximum absorption near 360 nm. The intensity of the absorbance peak is directly proportional to the concentration of H2O2. At present, this sensor has been tested for detecting H2O2 concentrations ranging from 0.03 ppm to 9 ppm in an aqueous solution at room temperature. Additionally, coating polydimethylsiloxiane (PDMS) outside the fiber optic can detect H2O2 in high concentration 300ppm and high temperature 70oC. Finally, the use of the developed optical fiber chemical sensor allows the direct determination of H2O2 in milk.