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Muhammad Riaz

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Mississippi State University


Anthony, Kenneth.

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Brenner, Devon

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Tenhet, Melissa

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Elementary Education

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Master of Science


College of Education


Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education


This research is aimed at finding the classroom environment indicators that lead young preschoolers, three and four years of age, learn civic efficacy to bring a change in the lives of others a member of the classroom community. The sample comprises of six female preschool teachers at a preschool in a University in Southern America. The data collected from; lesson plans, teachers’ portfolio notes, classroom observations, and semi structured interviews. The qualitative analysis tool, NVivo pro was used to analyze the data. For a clear picture of an obscure contextual phenomenon, charts showing emerging civic efficacy themes are added. Findings reveal that inquiry based, collaboratively orchestrated, and meaningfully engaged classrooms have significant potentials to develop civic efficacy in preschoolers. A systematic, well-thought and wisely planned, children’s life relevant, developmentally challenging activities embedded in social context significantly develop civic efficacy in children. The children hone multiple skills such as; inquiry, research, and problem-solving; collective action, reciprocity, and friendship; responsibility, independence, and community building. The limitations and implications are discussed.