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Grzybowski, Stanislaw

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Schulz, Noel N.

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Koshka, Yaraslov

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Electrical Engineering

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Magnet wires find many applications in modern world. Magnet wires used for the electrical insulation in fly-back transformers, solenoids, sensors, adjustable speed drives etc. are subjected to multistress aging factors such as electrical (high voltage, high frequency), thermal and other environmental stresses. Due to the action of these aging factors degradation and aging of the insulation will occur and thereby lead to reduced life-time or premature failure. In order to identify the most important factors affecting the life-time of the electrical insulation, the insulation must be evaluated under simulated service conditions. This study is done by performing accelerated aging tests at high electrical stresses, elevated temperatures, and often at combined electrical and thermal stresses, and at high frequencies. The electrical phenomena behind the breakdown of the insulation have been studied. In this study accelerated life tests are performed on AWG 40 magnet wire. Life-time characteristics, probability of failures, and life-time percentiles are determined.