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Mississippi State University


Brown, Richard L.

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Rawlins, John E.

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Baker, Gerald T.

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Goddard, Jerome

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Entomology and Plant Pathology

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Master of Science


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology and Plant Pathology


The Geometrinae, commonly known as emerald moths, are a diverse group of Lepidoptera with over 450 Neotropical species. However, Caribbean Geometrinae have received relatively little attention compared to the Geometrinae of mainland Central and South America. Using the method of Lee and Brown (2006), whole body mounts of descaled specimens of both Caribbean and mainland Neotropical Geometrinae were prepared. Morphological variation of exo- and endoskeletal characters among species, genera, and tribes of Neotropical Geometrinae is described. A faunistic study of Caribbean Geometrinae was also conducted using material from museums and private collections. The study includes definitions of species of Caribbean Geometrinae, descriptions of new species, and illustrations of adult imagos, genitalia, and other external characters. A key to the species of Caribbean Geometrinae is also provided.