Nusrat Jahan


Harvill, Jane L.

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Jonkman, Jeffery

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Picone, Joseph

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Gerard, Patrick

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Oppenheimer, Seth

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Dissertation - Open Access

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Doctor of Philosophy


In this study, we present two new frequency domain tests for testing the Gaussianity and linearity of a sixth-order stationary univariate time series. Both are two-stage tests. The first stage is a test for the Gaussianity of the series. Under Gaussianity, the estimated normalized bispectrum has an asymptotic chi-square distribution with two degrees of freedom. If Gaussianity is rejected, the test proceeds to the second stage, which tests for linearity. Under linearity, with non-Gaussian errors, the estimated normalized bispectrum has an asymptotic non-central chi-square distribution with two degrees of freedom and constant noncentrality parameter. If the process is nonlinear, the noncentrality parameter is nonconstant. At each stage, empirical distribution function (EDF) goodness-ofit (GOF) techniques are applied to the estimated normalized bispectrum by comparing the empirical CDF with the appropriate null asymptotic distribution. The two specific methods investigated are the Anderson-Darling and Cramer-von Mises tests. Under Gaussianity, the distribution is completely specified, and application is straight forward. However, if Gaussianity is rejected, the proposed application of the EDF tests involves a transformation to normality. The performance of the tests and a comparison of the EDF tests to existing time and frequency domain tests are investigated under a variety of circumstances through simulation. For illustration, the tests are applied to a number of data sets popular in the time series literature.