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Eric Dzimado

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Mississippi State University


Silva, Juan L.

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Matta, Frank B.

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Schilling, M. Wes

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


Levels and dietary intake of heavy metals were assessed and evaluated in thirty two samples of fruit and vegetables collected from supermarkets in Accra, Ghana using atomic absorption spectroscopy. Differences (p <= 0.05) existed in Pb, Cd and Ni concentrations across the commodities collected. Levels of Pb, Cd and Cr exceeded safe limits established by FAO and EU. Washing reduced Cr in cabbage by 59% (p <= 0.05) but only reduced Pb in grapes by 12% (p ˃ 0.05). Estimated daily and weekly intake through fruit and vegetable consumption were below provitional tolerable dietary intake established by the FAO. Although estimated dietary intake obtained in this study were below the maximum established limits, increased comsumption of these fruit and vegetables may bring about adverse health implications for the exposed population.