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Mississippi State University


Larson, Jamie

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Parish, Jane

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Smith, Trent

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Animal Physiology

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Master of Science


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Animal Physiology Program


Management of female infertility is a primary determinant of economic efficiency in the cattle industry. Management factors involved in impacting fertility include identification of females with suboptimal fertility and reducing the period of anestrus, prior to pubescence and after parturition. The use of anti-Müllerian hormone in the identification of females with suboptimal follicular populations allows for selection of females with optimal follicular populations and could reduce infertility resulting from a decrease in the quantity of follicles. A reduction in the period of anestrus also impacts fertility and management strategies that induce an ovulatory response in anestrous females improves fertility. Biostimulation has advanced pubescence in heifers and reduced the length of postpartum anestrus in cows. Advancing the understanding of anti-Müllerian hormone and the biostimulatory effect allows for further assessment of these management factors and their impact on infertility. Improved management of female infertility increases profitability of cattle production.