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Qi Li

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Mississippi State University


Steele, H. Philip

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Ingram, Leonard L.

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Yu, Fei

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Forest Products

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Master of Science


College of Forest Resources


Department of Forest Products


Production of liquid fuels is a high national priority to provide transporation fuels. Production of liquid biouels from biomass has been idenfied as a viable goal over the next decades. Fast pyrolysis is the rapid thermal degradation of lignocellulosic biomass in the absence of oxygen. Levoglucosan, which can be hydrolyzed and fermented into bio-ethanol, is produced during the pyrolysis process of the cellulose contained in biomass. Pure cellulose results in the production of levoglucosan of more than 50% by feedstock weight while woody biomass typically produces about 3% during pyrolysis. Researchers have performed significant research into methods to increase yields of levoglucosan and other associated anhydrosugars during pyrolysis. Most research has focused on mild acid pretreatment of biomass feedstocks prior to pyrolysis. Such treatment demineralizes and removes hemicellulose that appears to hinder the production of levoglucosan during pyrolysis. The objective of this study is to move beyond simple acid pretreatment to increase pyrolytic anhydrosugars yields during fast pyrolysis.