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Mississippi State University


McLaughlin, Ron

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Syrcle, Jason

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Elder, Steve

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Veterinary Medical Science

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Master of Science


College of Veterinary Medicine


Department of Clinical Sciences


Research evaluating the surgical repair of femoral neck fractures in dogs is limited. This study evaluated the in vitro mechanical properties of canine femoral neck fractures stabilized with two medium Orthofix® Partially-threaded Kirschner Wires (Orthofix pins), a 2.7 mm cortical bone screw placed in lag fashion with anti-rotational Kirschner wire (K-wire), and three 1.1 mm divergent K-wires. This study compared the mean compressive pressure, compressive force and area of compression created by the insertion the Orthofix pins and a 2.7 mm cortical bone screw placed in lag fashion. Monotonic testing was used to quantify mechanical strength and pressure sensitive film was used to quantify compression. There was no significant difference in the stiffness or load to failure for the three repair methods evaluated. There was no significant difference in the compressive pressure, compressive force or area of compression in osteotomies stabilized with Orthofix pins and 2.7 mm bone screws.