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The Carl Schurz collection is organized into three series. The first and most substantial series is a collection of correspondences mostly written by Carl Schurz himself. The collection is comprised mostly of original documents; however, some of the correspondences are also photocopies and have been noted as such in the breakdown. Other authors in the collection include Abraham Lincoln and Gideon Welles. The addressees of the letters are incredibly varied and range from other statesmen like John Sherman and members of the Chamber of Commerce to school teachers asking if Carl Schurz would speak to their class. The majority of the correspondences are from his time after between the Civil War to his death in 1906 and a significant portion pertain to his attendance of social events. The second series is a collection of images, mostly photographs and engravings, of Carl Schurz over his lifetime. Other images include Carl Schurz stamps, and reproduced images of the University of Bonn and other nineteenth-century American Statesmen. However, the vast majority of the images depict Carl Schurz over his lifetime. The third and final series is comprised of two sources of ancillary information. The first is a collection of correspondences pertaining to the consolidation of the Carl Schurz collection around the early 2000s. The second is a collection of brief background information on some of the addressees contained in the first series. The third series is a tool for researchers to better understand the historical actors found in the first series.


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