About Scholars Junction

Scholars Junction is Mississippi State University's open access digital repository. We support and showcase the MSU community's research, creativity, and history.


  • We store and share your completed, publication-ready research and data. (Learn more about accepted materials)
  • Materials in Scholars Junction are openly and freely available to the public. Limited embargo periods are available by request.
  • Items are visible in Google and Google Scholar searches - maximize your visibility by providing robust descriptive metadata.
  • You retain all rights to your work, including the right to deposit it elsewhere.
  • You'll receive regular email updates on your work's impact, with information about views and downloads, readers' geographic locations and institutions, and even mentions on social media.
  • DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) are available upon request.
  • We can also host your open access journal, ensuring that your publication is available to MSU researchers and students.


  • If your work doesn't result in a traditional publication, we're still here for you! We can store and share many types of work beyond articles and datasets. (Learn more)


  • We house MSU Libraries' Digital Collections - digitized versions of materials from Archives and Special Collections that document the history of MSU, Mississippi, the South, and beyond.
  • We also showcase material from other MSU galleries and museums.
  • We seek to archive and share items produced by MSU colleges, departments, research centers, administrative offices, committees, and faculty-sponsored student organizations.

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