About Institutional Repositories

Mississippi State University Libraries is proud to offer Scholars Junction as the open access digital repository for the Mississippi State University (MSU) community. Scholars Junction provides online repository space to collect, preserve, display, and freely share items produced by the MSU community. The repository allows the University to showcase the vast array of scholarly research, creative works, archives, and special collections generated throughout the storied history of our great institution.

Scholars Junction is an important tool to support research and scholarly output from across all MSU entities. We encourage anyone who wants to preserve and provide access to their creations to submit your work to Scholars Junction. The repository is an excellent system to share many types of works, including, but not limited to, scholarly articles, working papers, extension documents, photographs, videos, open educational resources, theses and dissertations, conference proceedings, presentations, and more. The repository system accepts most file types and submission is quick and easy. You must be the copyright owner or have permission from the copyright owner to deposit in Scholars Junction. Please see FAQs for more information about submission details.

Scholars Junction is the new home of the MSU Libraries' digital archives collections. We are continuing to transition the digital archival material on a continuing basis until all items are available in the institutional repository.

For those submitting to the repository, please be aware the best way to have your work discovered is to provide robust metadata. Scholars Junction is indexed in Google and Google Scholar, therefore the more information you use to describe your submission, the greater the chance of discovery.